Big Alumni: Jim White

Big Brother Jim says the why behind mentoring is simply to make a difference. Jim grew up without a father, knowing he could have a father-figure influence on a young man (much like he did from other strong men in his life) was motivation enough to become a Big. A particular time he thinks of, where it really hit home that he was having a positive impact, was when he had the chance to take his Little Brother on one of his family reunions. To see the reaction of his family, how they welcomed and included his Little Brother, affected not only Jim, but his Little for a lifetime. For Jim, there is a guarantee as a Big that you will grow from it. 


Match: Carla & Alyssa

"I became a BIG for a couple of reasons", says Carla, "I was fortunate enough to grow up in a great family and wanted to be able to share some of that with someone. My nieces and nephews had just moved a couple hours away and I don't have any of my own children.  I researched Big Brothers Big Sisters and the rest is history. I am PROUD of Alyssa for overcoming many obstacles but MOST proud of her attending WDTC for Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant."

Little Sister Alyssa says, "I love being a Little Sister. Carla and I have bonded so well and now for being together so long she’s like family to me and I can go to her for almost anything, because I don’t have siblings of my own I can have someone to talk to. I couldn’t ask for a better Big Sister!" 

Current Little: Zayleigh

Little Sister Zayleigh shares "Having a big sister makes me feel like I have someone to talk to when I can't talk to anyone else. It's nice because she helps me through drama at school and I have a lot of drama! My favorite memory is when we went roller skating in the neighborhood and it was a really hot day and we were just skating and realized we went way too far and we were too hot to skate back... so we decided to go to the gas station because it was closer than the house but then we gave up and called for a ride. It was so much fun."  



Little Alumni: Jacob West

"Being a little in Big Brothers Big Sisters gave me a new direction and purpose when I was a kid. To this day I still talk with my Big Brother John, even going to visit him after he moved away from the Black Hills. Without Big Brothers Big Sisters, my life could have been on a very different path from the one that I am on today," says Jacob, now a current BBBS board member and former Little Brother. 

Match: Eric & Tony

Big Brother Eric says, "I’ve seen something many times in this career:  the eyes of a young boy staring in awe at the presence of a police officer near him.  There is fascination, fear, wonder and curiosity in the moment.  I became a Big because I know I have the power to influence a young person.  Bigs in Blue makes it easy for an officer to answer the call to honor the responsibility of holding power and influence.  I look forward to the day when the majority of officers in our department have a little to say to, "Follow me." Tony now has a solid person to rely on, call when he feels big, hard feelings. He knows he can trust Eric and even when he makes a mistake, he has someone to help pick up the pieces.

Big Brother: Jeremiah

Big Brother Jeremiah has been matched with his Little for 2 years. Jeremiah shares, "When I signed up to be a Big, I didn't think that I would find a Little like Roman. Little Brother Roman is more like blood to me than he will ever know. He is family. I can't imagine not seeing him each week. It is a brotherhood created by friendship."