Thank You

“The question is not whether or not we can afford to invest in every child;

it is whether we can afford not to.”

– Marian Wright Edelman


 Without you, we couldn't provide support to our matches.

You make it possible and help change the lives of our Littles. 

Without BBBSBH Adopt-a-Class, Kai wouldn’t have a place he feels he belongs.

Without her Big, Shamyah would have faced life hardships feeling alone.

Without her Big, Annie wouldn’t feel she’s normal and accepted.

Without her Big, Tabitha wouldn’t have improved her math skills.

Before knowing her Big, Ashlynn couldn’t recite the alphabet.

Without his Big, Braedyn wouldn’t have a lifelong best friend.

Without his Big, Grady wouldn’t know how funny he truly is.

Without her Big, Crystal wouldn’t have a female role model.


These are just 8 accounts of over 260 matches impacted so far in 2017.

Thank you for making it happen.